Aluminium Structure Tents

Basboga Aluminum Structure Tents are designed to fulfill the temporary building requirement in many activities primarily like organizations and exhibitions, festivals, concerts, wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties and sports competitions. It is also possible to use these tent systems as permanent buildings for military, storage and showroom purposes depending on our customers’ request.

Thanks to its modular structure based on channel profile system it is extendible and may be extended or shortened easily without changing the current structure according to the users’ needs. Due to the absence of column – truss system it provides a spacious and an uninterrupted area of usage. Aluminum tents may be applied to all kinds of ground and it has high strength despite the low specific weight of the aluminum structure which may be constructed and dismounted with a minimum time and minimum labor. The aluminum tents occupy a very small space when stored and its transport is also very practical.

Alüminyum konstrüksiyon çadırlar çelik profil yapılara kıyasla daha hafiftir

Basboga Aluminum Tents are planned by computer supported designs and manufactured by CNC technology in widths between 3 m to 30 m, with different shape, size and style depending on the need. For the profiles to function perfectly the final finishing touches are all handmade.

Eloxal (anodize) process applied to aluminum profiles totally eliminates the painting, protection and maintenance requirements of the profile. The structure remains glowing, bright and clean without corrosion during its physical life. The aluminum material is environment friendly and its recycling value is 100% with no loss in its value.

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