Aviation Tents

We provide solutions for use in both the military and the civil aviation. These are low-cost, rapidly deployable and easy to transport structures that are specially designed for the purpose. They are readily available in case of emergency. They can be built at any width, height and length that project will demand. These structures are quite weather resistant and the steel frame can withstand severe climate conditions. Translucent membrane lets a great deal of daylight in and reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Areas of usage for civil/military aviation solutions:

» Aircraft parking hangars
» Aircraft repair and maintenance hangars
» Cargo hangars
» Passenger and baggage terminals

Havacılık Çadırları

We provide an extensive range of options for aviation projects from solar panels to electronic doors through which an aircraft of any size can enter the structure. All of our solutions are turnkey services and are brought to you in accordance with the total quality principle adopted by Basboga.

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