Construction Site Tents

Basboga structures are ideal for temporary arrangements needed in and around construction sites. They are mainly used for providing a living space (sleeping and dining) for personnel working on site. They could also be used for warehousing needs. These lightweight and low-cost structures can easily be erected on almost any type of ground and re-located when necessary. They can be manufactured at desired dimensions.

Spacious interior of the structure allows for ease of movement along with maximum usable space. Although they are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, we can equip these structures with additional insulation upon request to provide a more comfortable living and working area.

A well-insulated structure helps keep the energy expenses lower. These structures can be installed on almost any type of ground without the need for any anchorage or foundation.

Şantiye Çadırları

With our make-to-stock production line, we guarantee delivery and installation within a very short time period after the purchase order.

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