Disaster Tents

In cases of disasters (earthquakes, fire, flooding, war, etc.) where the health and safety of the affected population requires special care, disaster management organizations are in need of temporary units they could use as shelters and hospitals. These structures are easily and rapidly installed by local labor with a simple set of tools. They can fit in containers as they require a minimum area of storage and are air transportable. Emergency tents are lightweight, durable, modular and expandable structures. Translucent PVC membrane lets a good amount of daylight in requiring no or very little artificial lighting during the day. The fabric used for these structures also blocks the hazardous UV light and is water and fire proof.

The openings for natural ventilation and the reflective properties of the fabric used on the structure help keep the temperature inside the tent at stable levels. This would keep the tent cool during the summer time lowering energy consumption. Access to the tent is provided by doors on wheels or store-up doors.

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Main areas of use for emergency tents:

» Distribution center for food, first aid materials and other supplies
» Sheltering
» Temporary hospitals
» Temporary schools
» Storage

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