Dome Tents

Frame of the dome tents is a structure composed of a network of pentagon shaped truss members. Steel frame is covered by a membrane and sits on a circular area. We build dome structures whose diameters run from 5 meters all the way up to 30 meters. The special connection mechanism allows for easy and rapid construction and deconstruction of the dome. The design of our domes requires no vertically running columns within the structure. The absence of any internal support provides an uninterrupted clear space. These domes can be connected between doors by use of tunnels.

These tunnels provide easy access from one dome to another and give the whole structure an aesthetic look. Light weight of the domes allows easy transportation from one point to another by use of a crane. In addition to their rather elegant appearances, these domes cost less and can be deployed with minimum manpower in comparison to other steel construction solutions. Once deconstructed, they can be easily put away and stored as they require a minimum area of storage space.

Dome Çadırlar

The transparent or translucent membrane that covers the frame can be manufactured with openings if desired. Translucent membranes can provide a reasonably good level of natural daylight while blocking most of the hazardous UV light, and help you cut down the energy expenses. The exterior of the membrane can be used for advertisements, logos and other branding purposes by use of digital prints on the surface. The functionality and elegance of these structures make them ideal solutions for sports activities, fairs, stands, and all kinds of promotional activities.

Some of the accessories and options we offer our customers that are unique to dome structures:

» Openings on the side or top providing panoramic sight,
» Fully-equipped glass doors,
» Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
» Tunnels (walkways) for connectivity between the doors

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