Event Tents

Event tents are elegantly designed units that could be easily installed on almost any surface and provide a unique experience for all of your visitors of your event. The absence of any internal supports allows for an unobstructed inner space and provides comfort and freedom of movement. For every type of event, we can create a joyful atmosphere in the structure with use of our inner liners that we can manufacture in any color and pattern of your choice. Our architectural and decorative lighting sets add a unique atmosphere to your event for all your visitors to remember. By design, these structures can withstand severe weather conditions and are easily re-locatable when needed. Once the event is completed, it could easily be deconstructed and put away for storage. Selling or renting the structure can be viable options too depending on what you’re planning to do with your product in the future.

Etkinlik Çadırları

With our digital print capability, the exterior of the fabric could be used for advertisements, logos or branding on your demand.

Basboga offers aesthetic and practical solutions at affordable prices. Our experienced designers will work with you to create a functional and sophisticated turnkey solution for any event of any scale.

Areas of usage:

» Fairs, stands
» Concerts
» Advertising activities
» Wedding ceremonies and social gatherings
» Catering
» Museums
» Art activities
» Training, seminars and conferences

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