Industrial Tents

Easy and rapid construction/deconstruction, practicality and functionality are some of the common features of all of our industrial tents. Much lower initial investment than with concrete buildings makes our structures a better choice in terms of return on investment. This clear advantage certainly shortens the transition time before the production. Basboga’s expertise and the flexibility of its product portfolio will help you get the best solution in terms of your project requirements.

Our tents can be manufactured at any width and length desired. They can be easily added to the buildings that are already present (wood, concrete or steel) and can be extended in case more inner space is needed.
Be it for temporary or permanent arrangements, reliability and safety are the most important quality characteristics of our products. Our structures provide you with more useable space inside and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Endüstriyel Çadırlar

Translucent membrane of our structures reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day shrinking your energy consumption. The wide choice of accessories brings you the best options for your specific needs from insulation to air-conditioning and ventilation. We also offer you a rich set of options for lighting and accessing the building (doors or side panels). All of the accessories and options are brought to you fully complete and ready to operate.

Areas of usage for industrial tents:
» Warehousing
» Recycling
» Production
» Repair and maintenance
» Logistics
» Customs and ports
» Barns and animal shelters
» Re-locatable office and lodging

When you are finished with the operation and no longer need the structure, you can easily deconstruct and store it for further use, rent it or simply sell it.

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