Military Tents

By the very nature of the area of use for military tents, Basboga products are easily installed on almost any ground with minimum manpower and are easily re-locatable. These tents have a short supply time at affordable prices. Both steel frame structures and aluminum structures are widely used for military purposes. These structures can be designed and manufactured at any size that will fit the project needs. Compact and efficient storage and high resistance to extreme weather conditions are essential to these structures. PVC membrane could be manufactured in non-standard colors like beige, NATO green or camouflage paint for blending into the nature. These fabrics used in military solutions are all water proof and fire proof. When demanded, accessories like solar panels, insulation, lighting and air compressors can be provided as a turnkey solution.

Askeri Çadır Çeşitleri ve Askeri Çadır Fiyatları

Areas of usage for military solutions:

» Command and control
» Storage
» Logistics center
» Repair and maintenance
» Army huts
» Tents for camping and operation
» Restaurant
» Hangars for aircrafts and helicopters

Basboga is a leading manufacturer in Turkey providing military solutions to the Turkish Army. We export a diverse range of our products to more than 15 countries

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