PVC Coated Polyester Fabric

One of the basic elements of our structures is the PVC-coated polyester membrane used for covering the steel construction frame.

The raw fabric composed of 100% polyester high-strength lines is manufactured in our premises in a variety of weights and densities, colors, top finishes, textures and sizes depending on customers’ specific needs. The fabric is coated by PVC in our coating plant making the product resistant to water, fire, UV light and other harmful effects of environmental conditions.

Basboga has complete control over the manufacturing process whose every phase is planned and executed in our facilities by our technically capable staff. This gives us the advantage of having a wide range of affordable products with great flexibility of purpose, need and project location.

The fabric used in a typical structure is exposed to a considerable amount of abuse depending on the weather conditions and the project location. An optional coating applied on the PVC further protects the fabric from staining, discoloration and degradation effects prolonging the expected life of the membrane. This process is called PVDF (Poly Vinyl DiFluoride) coating which is composed of fluoride, carbon and hydrogen. PVDF coating makes the fabric more resistant to UV light, dirt, dust, wind and chemical effects. It also prevents the formation of the algae and bacteria on the surface of the membrane. The self-cleaning property of PVDF provides an easy maintenance and a longer life of fabric making your investment work for you.

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