Sports Tents

Our structures are designed with the objective of bringing outdoor sports and recreational activities indoor. We are providing solutions for keeping the game going for all seasons.

Structures built of steel and aluminum frames can be rapidly mounted or demounted. These structures can be seasonal or they can be easily transported to other locations when needed. Its low initial cost and its contribution to keeping the operational expenses at affordable levels provide a good return on your investment.

Translucent fabric allows a substantial amount of daylight in during the daytime when most of the activities take place realizing a good amount of savings on energy bills. The fabric we manufacture at Basboga’s plants will also block the hazardous UV lights providing a healthy environment for those inside the structure. The options we offer for insulation will help you with temperature stability providing a cooler and more comfortable environment in summer. These structures can be built at any width, height and length that activity will require.

Spor alanı çadırları, açık spor sahalarının üzerini kapatarak dört mevsim sportif aktivitenin devamlılığını sağlar.

Areas of usage for sports and entertainment solutions:

» Soccer and futsal fields
» Basketball court
» Tennis court
» Volleyball court
» Ice skating and ice hockey rings
» Equine riding arenas
» Indoor swimming pools
» Fitness salons
» Mini golf courses
» Multi-purpose sports activities

Basboga offers you the best selection of accessories and options on lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation, sound isolation, insulation, manually or electronically driven doors or side panels, soil amendment etc. We help you select the most suitable set of options that will meet your project’s requirements and all with a turnkey delivery from a single source. Our products give you the best return on your investment with an after sales support.

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