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Founded in 1974 as a small business in Unkapani Istanbul, Basboga Inc. Has become one of the leading firms in Turkey today. With its two manufacturing plants located in Babaeski-Kirklareli and Kemerburgaz- Istanbul covering a closed manufacturing space of 10.000 square meters in total, Basboga is striving for high quality products in compliance with the international standards.

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What are the advantages of a fabric structure compared to conventional wood or concrete construction?

The main advantages of the fabric structures can be summarized as follows:

» Affordable, low cost
» Fast-track production
» Easy installation and transportability
» Installation on almost any type of ground
» No need for reconstruction permit
» Could be built practically in any size of choice

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How long will a fabric structure (membrane and steel construction) last?

Under normal circumstances, the standard membrane should last 15 to 20 years with no problem. After that, UV degradation takes its toll and could damage the fabric beyond use in which case it is easily replaced. Our steel frames which are treated by an anti-corrosion process should be able to be used for more than 25 years hassle free.

Çadır ve Branda

Products such as tents and tarpaulin, many materials are produced together. The most important point to consider when purchasing these products is their durability. Tent and tarpaulin products that will not be damaged quickly, will not be deformed and will provide long-term use should be preferred. Tents have different models according to their usage areas. Industrial tents, aluminum construction tents, sports tents and dome tents are included in these models.

While it provides coverage for tents and tarpaulins that are almost actively used in use, working with professional brands will protect you from economic losses. It is necessary for products, especially for large facilities such as industrial tents.

As Başboğa Tent and Branda A.Ş, we have been serving to meet your tent and canvas needs since 1974. Our dynamic team, which follows the technological innovations with the development of time, continues its works with a customer-oriented service approach. Our expert design team in the field of tents and canvas produces special projects for your needs. These projects are implemented in our factories.

We provide turn-key service with broad spectrum products that are easy to install, have different color options, durable, cost-effective, from tarpaulin to steel construction. Our 45 years of experience in our working life has made us a leader in our industry. We are pleased to assist you with this pride and to continue our success studies with our satisfied customers.